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I cannot speak, I cannot write

September 25, 2009

They cut out my tongue and chopped off my fingers,

Then they have put my mind in a box.

Now the world is going to drown beneath my scars.


Lessons you can learn from F1 – revisited

September 23, 2009

As some of you may know Renault was accused and convicted of cheating at the Singapore race last year. They asked their second driver to crash on a certain lap in order to gain strategic advantage over the rest of the field.
Earlier this season they fired their second driver for poor results and in a childish fit he went crying to the officials.

So what can we learn from this. Lots.

1. Don’t cheat. You’re gonna get caught. It only takes one person to squeal and the damage is done. Things change, people change. If you didn’t do anything wrong you have nothing to fear.

2. Don’t lie. If you are caught come clean as soon as possible. This is what happened with Renault. As soon as they realized the truth they threw themselves on the mercy of the court. It worked. They were banned from the sport for two years but that ruling was suspended for two years. And the only way it can get activated again is if they do the exact same thing again…not likely. The technical boss who may or may not have been implicated was offered immunity for his testimony. Instead he came clean too and took his lumps. For five years he cannot participate in racing. Flavio Briatore the team boss? He denied, lied, sued and clammed up. He has been banned for life. There’s a lesson for you.

3. Don’t give up. (again) Renault will be back, they will be clean and sober and they will win again. Want proof? Right after they cheated their way to a win last year, they won the next race on merit. This year their car was very poor at the start but they are now regularly in the points.

4. Careful who you trust (or don’t let you boss be your manager) Seriously if your boss is already your business manager and he tells you to crash, what are you gonna do? You should never have put yourself in that position in the first place. Separate the business from the work from the pleasure. That is common sense.

5. Speaking of common sense. Crash on purpose? Shake your head. That is just plain stupid. And the part that is just stoopider? Now that Nelson Piquet Jr. has crashed and then squealed on his bosses, he wants to drive again in F1. Sorry Charlie, you had your chance and you were found wanting in all respects.

So take your golden chance, grab it with both hands but play fair, be fair.

Lesson learned.