What have YOU been up to?

August 25, 2010

Summer was here and now it is gone, summer was fun and fun is good.

Good olde Dr. Seuss.

A sudden spike in comments and visits thanks to Friar linking to my blog has convinced me that people actually read this damned thing and may even like what they read.  How odd!

Have I been busy?  Yup, and so have most of you judging by the much reduced activity on the web.  Even Facebook has been scant of late.  And that is good.  Get away from the screen and get the hell outside before it snows.

But this time is my favorite time of year.  Days are cooler so you can work outside. Nights are cooler so you can sleep and the sky is that awesome shade of blue.

Me?  I’ve been busy. But am I REALLY busy? To be quite honest? No.  But I like to be.  I like to always be doing something, even if that something is staring at the wall, because my brian is going 200 miles an hour.  Makes me tired but what are you gonna do? Go into a coma?

So how do I spend my time? Well I decided last year to only work my required 8 hours AT work.  Sure I work lots of hours but my post 40 hours is done from home.  That does create a lot of stress for me because I am packing in the same amount of work into fewer hours.  Oh well.  I get to see my kids more that way.

And speaking of kids, that is why I am so “busy”.  I get my kids going in the morning and drive them to daycare and most nights I pick them up.  And this is where the “busy” part comes in.  I am busy with my kids or doing thing while being with my kids (work, clean, fix).  Park, play, walks, games and learning to ride bikes.  That takes up a lot of my free time.  Because I want to, because I like to and let’s be honest, I need to.  They need me and I need them.  I learn from them, they learn from me.  They drive me insane and keep me sane. I like to hang out with them and I’ll do it now before they figure out that I am ”lame” or whatever passes for that term nowadays.

Then when the kids go to bed and before I go to bed? Well I used to run my damned ass off doing all the stuff I need to do.  Now I say to hell with it.  Watch at least one TV show a night.  Its good entertainment and its different from everything else you do and sometime I actually learn something new (I watch a lot of PBS).

Then? I fix computers, fix my motorcycle, email friends, abuse Friar on his blog.

So am I really busy.  No.  But I am always doing stuff so that I feel busy.

And the weekends you ask? (Well I know you didn’t ask but I am using that technique to get to my next thought) Well they are packed too but with what?  In the summer I watch F1 so Practice, Qualifying and the race take up 6 hours. Then the girls have soccer or swimming. I try to take one or two motorcycle rides each a couple of hours. But more often than not we are out visiting friends or family.  And I force this. And I force this for a very good reason. If you want to be truly “happy” then spending time with friends and family is the surest way to be happy.  Study after study have shown this.  We are social animals, we were not meant to sit in front a screen, TV, LCD or otherwise.

So the house doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should, I don’t actually speak to friends as often as I should and I don’t do all the things I want to do but I always end up doing things I like in my time off.

Which is why blog posts are sporadic.  I fit them in where I can, like this one which I wrote during my lunch hour.  Normally I go home to eat and clean, sleep or watch TV but today my car is in the shop.

Am I happy? Happier than I was last year.  Busy? Yup, but my kind of busy.  Can I get more done, accomplish more?  Yup, but that would be at the cost of happiness.

But this is me and my choices, you go and do whatever the hell you want that floats your boat. More power too you.


P.S. Gracious, I know who you are.  Your initials are RG and you wrap duck tape around your boots not over.  If you are not going to say something nice, piss off.  I am your effing IT Guy and I can make you life difficult.


  1. Just when you think you’re done this blog…they pull you RIGHT BACK IN.

    PS. Firsties!

    (And perhaps, Onlies!)

  2. “P.S. Gracious, I know who you are. Your initials are RG and you wrap duck tape around your boots not over. If you are not going to say something nice, piss off. I am your effing IT Guy and I can make you life difficult.”

    You tell them. Who posts negative comments on the blog of an IT person they work with anyway? That’s just asking for trouble of the worst kind!

    Also, it sounds to me like in terms of work your ‘busy’ time has become less productive, but in terms of health and happiness it’s become much more productive. Good for you on that count too. =)

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