Ode to Friar

March 31, 2010

I read very few blogs.  Mostly because most blog are crap.  They say very little or rant about things that I find quite silly.  I use the Internet for two things, information and entertainment.  Sometimes both at the same time.

I read my Formula One news, Facebook and news (BBC and Globe and Mail) .  And that is about it.

I used to visit Brett’s 6 Weeks site but now its more like 6 years.  XUP’s is always interesting but her comments section is like the beach at Normandy, best to keep your head down. But my favorite-est site?  The Deep Friar! Go there now!  But come back when you are done.

Friar is a regular commenter here and I always welcome his comments, even if he says the dumbest things.

But this is an Ode to Friar post not a slam to Friar post.  I save the slams for his comments section.

Friar’s blog is unique.  It is funny, intelligent, entertaining and informative.  You learn more from the comments section than you do going to school. The best part is that his mom, sister and brother come and visit and that always lightens up the comments.  His mom is a marvel, his sister is hot (she wants me) and his brother has an interesting name.

My favorites posts are the Viking cartoons.  Original, topical and really funny.  I can’t wait until another comes out.  I know Friar hates those posts because he works very hard on them, spends hours on each frame and then he gets 2 comments. Then he post a dead fish and gets 300.  No one said that the ‘net made any sense.

But what I do hate is those silly paintings he posts.  Not sure why.  Maybe he thinks it will get him a girlfriend by showing his sensitive artsy side.  But his topics leave much to be desired.  Food, landscapes, snow?  C’mon, how about abstracts? Nudes?  Flowers even?

I keep telling him to just take a picture and post those.  He seems to have a good eye for a nice shot.  But no, he insists on painting them.  But anyone can paint.  See? Here is something I whipped up last night.

I even used the right colours following the numbers on the paints.  I mostly stayed in the lines, but I am an amateur, not like the Friar.  He is a professional, he sells his paintings for cash!

So to recap.

  1. Visit The Deep Friar.
  2. He is funny
  3. I don’t like his paintings
  4. His cartoons are hilarious
  5. I don’t like his paintings
  6. Comment in his blog, you will always get a response, usually funnier than his post.



  1. …6 years my hairy ass!

    I’ll give you 50 bucks for the painting.

  2. WTF?
    u need help…..

  3. I know, Friar had just become your supervisor at work or something right? And please could you explain that Beach at Normandy thing? My comment section is aweome. What’s wrong with it?

  4. @Brett
    You can buy used paint by numbers on Ebay. Better than the one here, I might add.

    The going rate is about three bucks.

    Hey, thanks for the endorsement. That should get me at least another 2-3 readers.

    And I’m grateful for your hatred of my artwork.

    It makes posting a painting even MORE fun than it used to be…because I now have the added bonus of watching you go ballistic.

  5. That was the nicest thing anyone ever said about me.


  6. Hey Spalpeen, when are you coming back to visit Friar? We should drink many pints again.

  7. You forgot “His sister is hot” in the recap section. Geeze EyeTeaHunk, you’re letting me down.

    I’ve been busy lately … sorry for the downturn in blog-flirting and e-turn-ons.

    Spalpeen, mother Fry, and Seestor are all grateful for your endorsement. Friar himself prefers your e-buse.


  8. OOPS! I should have signed “seestor” Please correct my boo boo, lest my mysterious avatar be ruined for ever more!

  9. @ Eyemarvelguy,

    You flatter me by calling me a “marvel”. Now just to clarify the word “marvel” . . .
    Do you mean “marvel” as in Marvel Comics?
    Or “marvel” as in marvelous mom?
    Or “marvel” as one who causes wonder and astonishment?

    My family has never referred to me as a marvel. I consider myself and ordinary person working hard at whatever I undertake.

    I marvel at the fact that you referred to Friar’s entire family in your post. We must be special.

  10. @Eyeteaguy

    There you go.

    You’ve now got my entire immediate family to comment on your blog.

    This should do you very, very proud.

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