Don’t get sick

March 22, 2010

So I caught a throat bug from my dad when I went to visit him a few weeks ago.  Not a big deal. Hurt a lot, was coughing a lot but I kept to myself and use a lot of hand sanitizer.  It was never bad enough not to go to work. But folks would hear my coughing and say I should go home.  It was just a cough so I told them to piss off.

Fast forward two weeks.  I caught a cold from my youngest.  She got it from day care.  Big deal.  I was still just getting over the first bug so I guess I was susceptible.  I dealt with it.  But at work I was wiping my nose a lot.  People saw me and said I should go home.  I wasn’t sick enough to do that.  I have my own office, I closed the door and used hand sanitizer a lot.

I am grateful to say that no one at work has caught either of my bugs.

So this weekend we had a whack of kids over.  They were all sick, including my own.  So in my weakened state I caught another bug.  The nausea and poopy kind.  I spent most of Sunday in bed.  Awesome!  I work stupid hours and at a very stressful job and my only real day off I get sick.

So like a good soldier I go to work this morning.  But my head is in a fog, I get confused easily and am not much good.  So I finish what I am working on and head home for some rest.

On the way home my president calls.  He is in town and his computer is slow.  He is pissed and when I tell him I am on my way home he is……annnoyed.  I offer to turn around and fix his problem but he says I can do it remotely from home (how generous of him).

When I get home I send out an email advising my boss that I am home sick resting but that I will leave my phone on for emergencies.  And do you know what he says?  “Are you sure?”

Am I sure that I am sick?  Um, well, let me check. Diarrhea, check.  Fever, check.  Barfing, check.   OFFS.

Then I get home and my wife looks at me and says “You don’t look sick”.

A user calls and says “You don’t sound sick”

I am available 24x7x365 and I get sick and get no sympathy.  If fact, people think I am making it up so I can go home.

If that is the credibility I have for all the time and effort I have put it, then it is no wonder people take advantage of the system.  If you assume they are abusing their privileges then they will.  Hell, if you are doing the time, might as well do the crime.

I am a little annoyed.  You tell me to go home when I am sick and when I do your are suspicious?

Here endeth the rant.  I am going to grab some water and a blankey and have another nap.

I have to. I am expected back at work tomorrow.  One day is long enough to get better.  I should have taken a day off three weeks ago and gotten over the first bug, then I wouldn’t be in this mess.


  1. Been there.

    You know… I knew someone with cancer at work who is dead now.

    He didn’t look sick.

    He didn’t sound sick.

    And he’s fucking dead now.

    I knew someone else at work who had cardiovascular problems. He was my boss.

    He didn’t look sick.

    He didn’t sound sick.

    And he’s fucking dead now, too.

    Yep, nothing like “expert opinions” combined with guilt.

    I regularly take a day off here and there, whenever I feel anything at all coming on – a sore throat, whatever.

    I then spend the whole day in bed, and I O.D. on Vitamin C and so forth.

    Then I’m fine the next day.

    I have a feeling this might be your mode of operation going forward, too.

  2. Geezus, you gotta find another job and get the Frack out of that place.

    I realize it’s easier said than done, though. Because people often tell me the same thing…!

  3. @Brett

    Isn’t that the guy who the manager wanted you guys to honor, by working hard to meet his “committments”?

    Warms my heart, that story does.

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