140 days

March 19, 2010

No more of this!

Its been a busy but good week.  I managed to put two projects to bed.  One that we had started a year ago and we progressed in small stages with many setbacks we completed this morning.  Final validation is on Monday but I have 100% confidence it will go smoothly.  The other was a small but significant upgrade to a remote location.  Bad news is that three more that stated this week.  Oh well.

Anyway, its been 140 days since I last had an alcoholic drink.  That’s the longest I have ever gone without…..since I met Brett.

Why quit?  Lots of reason but here is a top ten list of things that I like since I quit.

  1. I lost 12 pounds
  2. I am, ah-hem, regular.
  3. I have cash in my wallet at the end of the week.
  4. I don’t wake up with a muzzy head.
  5. I have energy and motivation at night.
  6. I sleep through the night.
  7. I don’t make an ass of myself (well, this is not entirely true)
  8. I have one less errand to do on the weekend (return bottles)
  9. I don’t get headaches during the day.
  10. I am better able to handle stress.

All good reasons but all in all  I just feel better.

Now to get back into shape….and pear is not the kind of shape I’m talking about.



  1. You need to stay away from that Brett.

    The boy’s a BAD influence, I tell you.

  2. Hey, that’s great! Keep going, or I’ll kick your ass in April (I am coming to visit you next month, and if you’ve fallen off the wagon, you’re in big trouble, Mister).

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