Words to live by?

March 13, 2010

Been a while, sorry folks.  Work, work, work.  When you don’t invest in your infrastructure then it gets more expensive to fix and if you don’t have cash to buy new, you have to spend time to keeps things running.  And I am the “time”.  But things are turning around and picking up so it will be an exciting time as I get to do some projects and move forward again.

Anyway,  read an interesting quote today and I have been thinking on it.  This phase of my life is unusual in that I am accumulating stuff.  I used to live out of a pair of saddlebags and the only thing I accumulated was miles on my motorcycle.

Words to live by?

There is such a thing as enough.


The essence of happiness is wanting what you have.

I am going to try living this for a while.  Seems like an old comfortable coat to me.  I think I have worn it before.  And the last time I wore it I was much happier.



  1. I figure the only thing people really want is time.

    Once you realize this (and I know *you* do, this is the “royal you” here), you soon understand that no one has more than anyone else (well, unless you’re dead…)

    I ask myself from time to time, “What would I do if I won the lottery?”

    And since the answer usually has nothing to do with buying a bunch of shit, and everything to do with doing *something* outside, away from technology, and so forth…

    I just go and do it.


    Do I want all of what I have, right now?

    I mean, do I want all of the shit that is in my house, right now, surrounding me?

    Not in the slightest, if I really think about it.

    Some of it, I need because I’m a dad and I’m raising my kids.

    But they won’t be here forever – I’ll enjoy them while they’re here with us, of course – but once they’re gone, most of this stuff will go, too.

    The house. The furniture. The electronics.

    You know those VW camper vans?

    Yep, I’m getting one.

    Maybe we can travel together.

  2. Hello,

    I’ve been reading your website for a while and was thrown by the change in publisher. Almost as much as the long gaps and varied topics your write upon.

    I’d bet you’d be an interesting chap to sit around the kitchen table with.

    You allude to long trips on a motorcycle. I’d wager you have a few stories you could share.

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