10 things I’ve learned…

July 8, 2009

About Being a Dad

  1. Patience. Getting mad doesn’t solve anything, it makes it worse. And the kids don’t try to get me mad on purpose, they are just being kids.
  2. Laughter. Just by being kids they make me laugh, they have no fear of judgement so just act their feelings, and its hilarious.
  3. Drive by hugs are awesome. My youngest will walk past, hug my legs and carry on. We should all do that more often.
  4. Time. Now that I don’t have any I realize how precious it is. Time also moves faster now than it ever has, they were just babies a few weeks a go it seems.
  5. A kiss. Can heal ouchies and hurt feelings. Can say I love you without saying it. Can be delivered over the phone, across a room or on a page written in crayon.
  6. Sleep. Is critical to their health and well being. And now that they are sleeping through the night and still napping, I can get some rest too. And they are never cuter than when they sleep.
  7. Play. I have learnt how to play again. At the park, board games and games you make up as you go along. Any object is a toy if you use your imagination.
  8. Consistency. Be consistent, give them a framework to live within. Stick to you guns, say what you mean. Follow through. It works with adults too.
  9. Spend time away from your family. It makes you miss them and appreciate them even more when you get back. Plus the big welcome when you do is worth the ache in your heart when you are away.
  10. Take lots of pictures. They change faster than you think. And kids love to see pictures of themselves so a digital picture frame is an excellent idea.


  1. #8 is very important — especially as they get older and stretch their boundaries

  2. I'm not a Dad. But I'm an Uncle. One thing I've learned, is that it's a kid's job to exude as much snot and/or other bodily fluids. From every orifice. As often as possible.Hence, #1. Patience. (And a high tolerance to slime!) – Friar

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