Eyeteaguy’s 10 rules to life.

June 17, 2009

1. Only panic when I do. If I’m not worried, then you shouldn’t be either.

2. Never escalate. If someone attempts to do so, go right to the final step.

3. Don’t give hugs. If you must, hug ‘m like you mean it. They should struggle for breath.

4. Stop trying to change yourself. Accept who you are and move on.

5. Take a long motorcycle ride once a week.

6. Find a blog you like and hijack it.

7. Sleep 8 hours a day. Its the best thing you can possible do for yourself.

8. Find a sport you like and follow it like an olde tyme religion.

9. Be nice, say thank-you, please and you are welcome.

10. Keep trying, never quit. Even if you fail, especially when you fail.

One comment

  1. Number six. I don't understand. Can you elaborate further? – Friar

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