Shall we dance?

April 2, 2009

OK people, here is where our christian sensibilities start to clash with our modern world.

I am sick to death of everybody dancing around trying not to hurt the feelings on ONE person.

Are we really afraid that we would be mean if we spoke the truth?

Say what you mean, mean what you say. Be honest. This is not hard to do, you just have to do it.

I am all for being diplomatic. Consider people’s feelings and try to get along. But when you have a group doing everything in their power to avoid a confrontation is bass ackwards. And has the effect where the one person is encouraged to continue their offensive behaviour.

Listen, I can be a dick. I know that. I know that because somebody I admire told me that. And that is the difference. I am now aware of this. So when I speak or write I take that into consideration.

But when you don’t know how much people dislike you, you carry on as if they do.

Time to fess up, time to be honest, time to tell the truth. If you like or love someone tell them. Tell them because they may not know. And it will make them feel better, it will make you feel better.

If you know someone who walks into a place, craps all over the floor and then complains about the stink, tell them. Don’t let them get away with it. Don’t encourage them by backing down. I recently made this mistake and made the whole situation worse by contributing to the lie.

You will be doing yourself and them a favour. If that person now knows that their behavior is offensive then they will watch for it. If they continue to do it after you have told them, well then you will know a great deal more about that person than you did before. You can ask them to leave or leave yourself. At least everyone will know why.

Stop dancing, start talking.


  1. I’m overwhelmed….But of course you all missed the point. But that is ok. I loved to see all the different perspectives.The point was taking to task all the people who dance around the feelings of others. Why do we do it? Are we afraid of offending people so much that we will tie ourselves in knots to avoid it?Apparently so.And you’re all dicks, especially Brett. But oddly enough, he will see this as a compliment.Eyeteaguy

  2. Hah!Lookit Eyeteaguy implying that all our comments are missing the whole point of the blog.Yeah….not like some of us have NEVER been responsible for making that happen elsewhere! 🙂

  3. Oh, geez.I’m gonna dance around this topic right now.But believe me, you’re all…(Forget it. It’s been said.)Regards,KellyP.S. This is definitely a record for Eyeteaguy. I think he’ll be a Cool Kid before I am, at this rate. I remember when he’d post once in a blue moon, and Brett would give him a hard time. Now… 😉

  4. @KellyOh…come on. SAY IT!!!You know you want to.

  5. Okay, Friar, you’re all…Horrible dancers.

  6. All right EyeTeaGuy, you asked for it… ;)Rather than calling you a dick, which everyone else seems to have done already…(DOH!)….I will subscribe to a different form of verbiage… Hehe… So…. Go and boil your bottom, son of a window-dresser!I wave my private parts at your aunties, you cheese-loving, electric, donkey-bottom biter!Have at you!Glenn

  7. ZING!!Eyeteaguy got OWNED by Glenn!(Sorry, I just had to point this out…you always do it when someone else owns me).

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