Random Thoughts

March 17, 2009

Here is an interesting bunch of quotes I gleaned from 15 years of emails and letters. When I wrote something particularly deep, funny or profound I wrote them down in my little book. Here they are for your reading pleasure.

I have always worked from an inferior position: it makes the achievment all the more satisfying.

Nothing worth having isn’t worked for. Everything I have I have worked for. Everything I have worked for is worth having. If it comes easy, I don’t want it, I never earned it, it has no worth or satisfaction to me.

The most dangerous thing in an office is a manager with a business plan.

I have seen too much goofy shit in this world to think that “now” won’t change.

Agression is merely the defense of a weakness.

Fear is a horribly crippling thing. It distracts us from winning.

Adventures in Adversity. Adversity breed character. I have enough character to write a book. A book of adventures in adversity.

Its not so much the places I`ve gone as it is the people I`ve met. I have spoken with America.

Live life ‘cause death sucks.

It is the smallest number of men who make up the opinion of a society

Running from your problems will not make them go away. But it will give you respite; strength to fight on.

Rudeness is in the ears of the recipeint.

“I will wait for you” is the dumbest line I ever said. I did not know that time was up when I said it.

Profoundness comes and goes. Mediocrity is a constant companion.

Failing at the impossible is not shameful. Not realizing it is so, is.

Fight only as long and as hard as is necessary. There are many other fights to be fought.

Who are you to say who I am when I myself don’t know that answer. And I know me best of and you not at all.

Screaming may not solve the problem. But it may relieve the stress enough so that a solution becomes clear.

Sometimes for a man to be truely free, you have to leave the door of the cage open.

Have you ever fought to remember who a stranger’s face reminds you of. Only to remember it was the face of a person long repressed due to a traumatic experience? I hate when that happens.

You cannot make yourself happy. You can only realize when you are and enjoy.

Most people are happy but they are too stupid to realize it.

Riding in the rain is like having a gun pointed at you. No sudden movements.

I don’t need a reason to be in a bad mood

Nobody likes a whiner.

If the truth is out there, I don’t want to hear it; I take comfort in the lies.

I thought I lost my mind once. Then I realized that you cannot lose what you never had.

If life was easy then it would come with a book of instructions.

If all else fails, get a bigger gun.

Walk softly and carry and thermonuclear device.

If you can’t babble then with bull then riddle them with bullets.

A problem does not exist that cannot be solved with the suitable application of high explosives.

Trust no one, not even yourself.

Death inevitable follows life. Death is finite, life is not.

Take the initiative. Of it is not yours then take it from someone who has.

Society is best conquered from the inside out. Like a virus. Get in and destroy asunder.

The mistakes of history are bound to be repeated. Not-so-great men feel they can correct the mistakes of great men. Times change, lessons do not.

Attack first, ask questions later. If you were right, then your actions were justified. If you were wrong then you merely made a good decision based on incorrect intelligence.

I have looked death in the eye. Neither of us has blinked yet.

People say that life is a battle against death. If that is the case then all one can say in the end is “It was a good battle”. If it was not, then you lost.

It seems that men are doomed to repeat ourselves. Our ego says, “This time I shall do it differently, and this time it shall work out better”. It explains war anyway.

If it were not for the fact that I’m so tired, I would do more. Or at least do something.

Memories are awful things. They force us to relive the past even though we may have learnt from it already.

Writing by candlelight seems to make my words more profound. Unfortunately by light of day they seem mediocre.

Big words a big man they do not make. But small men use them to seem that way.

In a different place and situation I would not be the same person.

I thought I was reading between the lines. All I got was blank spaces.

You wanted no strings. So why are you so tangled.

Not that you lied to me, but that I no longer believe you, that has shaken me.

I have always been intrigued by the lack of subtly that military men have. Perhaps that is why they generally do not get on in politics. It may also explain why so little gets done in government.
Any form of art must be practiced well to be good and be appreciated. That is why I feel procrastination is an art form.

Interestingly enough I have no desire to better myself. I feel that all that I will be is here already, ready to be discovered.

Depression is the natural state. Punctuated my moments of sheer happiness and eras of despair.

We are destined to die the moment we are born. Knowing this, why do we bother. The weak see only this and die early and by their own hand. The strong realize that this is all we get and seize the opportunity. It is the living we must concentrate on. Dying comes naturally to everyone.

“Get a life,” someone told me once. I replied, “I already have one.” I then suggested he get an objective other than telling people to get what they already have. He told me to stop pointing out the obvious.

Philosophers say that fire consumes all. Scientists say that this is not true due to the conservation of energy. I say that fire burns if you stand too close.

If dark is the absence of light. Then what is light, the absence of dark or the presence of photons. Who cares. I can see in the light and the dark comforts me.

Some questions are best left unanswered. Others are best left unasked. Still others are completely pointless. “Who am I?” fits one of these categories.

Big music requires big instruments. Soft music requires light instruments. My music requires getting used to.

If everybody is different, why do we act so stupidly alike? Or are we just different like everybody else.

Money is annoying. It is important only if you do not have it.

Everyone hates a smart man. For he make them all feel stupid.

You cannot hurt me anymore. I don’t care about you anymore.

If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger then I am Superman.

I was here. And I am free.

Freedom is a state of mind. However one must have freedom to realize this.

If getting there is half the fun then I want to travel for the rest of my life.

I do not speak too quickly. You listen too slow.

I have found that one learns a lot by being quiet and listening. When does one break the silence and share the accumulated knowledge?

Hold in your anger. Release it in controlled bursts at the appropriate time for maximum effectiveness.

Enemies are like dust in the nose. Expel them suddenly and with violent force.

Friends come and go. Enemies keep reappearing.

I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately it was an oncoming train.

Letters are cheats. The lack spontaneity and truth for they are crafted carefully with time. They may even be written by somebody else. Only trust a voice and only when it is telling the truth.

If turning a chair upside down prevents people from sitting in it then I find it strange that turning a gun the other way does not prevent its use.

Suicide is the ultimate cheat. Someone else may have wanted to kill that person but was robbed of the opportunity.

Suicide in my case is silly. There are many others out there that deserve death more than I.

Dying to prove a point is wrong. You don’t get to live to see your point proven. One only proves a point to gloat.

I would love to live a long time. To see how certain things work out. But that would be wrong. It would deny those who come after me their chance.

There is so much death in this world that mine (or any other) would not cause a ripple. That does not mean that I would not fight for my life.

If what tastes good is bad for you then mushrooms must be really healthy.

It is amazing what historians derive from the writing of great men, especially of their character. It is lucky that these great men do not return to life. A great many historians would be wrong and look like fools.

Every man should carry a knife. Not to defend himself, but to show that he can.

Every person has the capacity for change. Whether or not we do is a matter of choice.

I want to leave here. It is not that I want to go somewhere. It is that I want to leave her and go some where else.

I am not angry upset or stressed. I am frustrated. I am stuck between choosing one of many paths and fear of choosing one at all. I don’t mind choosing wrong.

I have done things that I thought only other people did.

Fighting against instinct takes a great deal of energy. It can, however, be done. It is what separates us as sentient beings. What instinct am I fighting you ask? You can ask.

There is only one place that I would like to be. Gone.

I am in no hurry. I’ll get there eventually.

Too much introspection is not good for the soul. Nobody likes to be stared at.

Loss of respect, in my eyes, is worse than hating someone. It means that your status has been lowered by your own actions.

My heart is like my favorite beer. Cold, dark and bitter.


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