What does your vehicle say about you?

March 4, 2009

When I see a great big SUV I wonder what the guy/gal inside wants me to think of them. That they are rich? They “Off-road” in their spare time? That they don’t give a damn about the future and that it is all about them?

Yeah, me too. I just cannot see how these people can justify themselves.
These vehicles are too big, crowd the roads and wreck the tarmac.
They are not safer.
They are not more reliable.
They are not status symbols. (They stopped becoming that when everyone got one)
They are not efficient.
They are not user friendly.
So you sit high up so you can see the road. Well if everybody didn’t have one you wouldn’t need to be high up.

Smarten up folks. Cheap gas will only be here for the current recession and then we will be back to $1.30 a litre again.

I’m not saying you should go buy a Hinda Fit or Toyota Yaris (although that would be nice if you did) I am saying, when you buy your next vehicle buy a more efficient one. Going from 12 MPG to 18MPG is far better than me going from a 32 MPG to a 35 MPG. Big savings, huge difference in gas. And then when you trade up, make the jump to 25 MPG.

And slow down, you can save up to 30% buy driving the speed limit.

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