Someone is making a buck.

December 9, 2008

When gas was $147 a barrel we were paying $1.40 a litre for gas. All the way up to those dizzying heights a barrel of oil and a litre of gas went up hand in hand. $100 a barrel, $1.00 for gas.

Soooooo, oil is at $42 a barrel and we are still paying $0.75 a litre. Someone is making a buck.

The federal banks are dropping their rates. 50 points here, 75 points there. Historically the banks have risen and lowered their rates in step. Until recently. They only drop it half to three quarters of the central banks rate, every time. Someone is making a buck.

Banks by their very nature give loans and take payments. They are not doing this now. Hence the cash freeze. But its their FUNCTION to give loans and they are not. I suggest we take away the charter for one Canadian bank, I think we shall see the other fall in line.

Same for the oil companies. Regulate their prices for 6 months. Then give them the option to be fair or continue to be regulated.

Market goes down, market goes up. Tell me someone isn’t making a killing.

It is just me or is the middle class getting screwed…. again. All those bail-outs, stimulus packages and infrastructure projects, its the middle class’s taxes that pay for that.

The rich have their schemes, tax shelters and stunning wealth. They don’t notice the tax hit. The poor don’t pay taxes so we are stuck with it. And who got us into this? The poor who couldn’t pay their loans given to them by the rich who have already collected their bonuses.

I think its time I ran for office. Things would be different. Of course I would declare a dictatorship as soon as I was elected. Its the only way to really get things done. I hope you understand.

Hail Francisius!

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